The Phoenix® Atherectomy System is a peripheral atherectomy catheter system that has been specifically designed to enhance the treatment of disease below the knee. The Phoenix System has been designed to provide physicians with a safe, versatile, easy to use front-line therapy that can potentially make atherectomy available to a broader range of patients.

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©2014 Volcano AtheroMed, Inc., a Volcano company.  CAUTION:  Federal (US) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. The Phoenix Atherectomy System® is also CE marked for international use. INDICATIONS: The Phoenix Atherectomy System® is intended for use in atherectomy of the peripheral vasculature. The System is not intended for use in the coronary, carotid, iliac or renal vasculature. 

The Archimedes Screw is a highly-efficient pump that has been used for centuries in a broad range of applications.  A simple Archimedes Screw consists of a cylindrical screw that is located inside a hollow pipe.  When the lower end of the screw comes in contact with a material and is turned, it collects an amount of the material and cycles it up within the hollow pipe as the shaft is rotated. When the material reaches the top, it is emptied. With the Phoenix Atherectomy System, as the front-cutting element removes and collects diseased material, an Archimedes Screw within the catheter actively and continually conveys the excised material along the internal length of the catheter safely into a collection bag outside the patient.